In Estonia there are a lot of things to see regardless of what time you have.
If you have only one day, you can walk around the old town, in 2-3 days you can visit all modern Tallinn.

A week tour gives you an opportunity to travel outside the capital to towns like Tartu, Parnu, relax in National parks or visit islands Saaremaa and Muhu.
If you travel through Estonia to Russia, it’s advised to visit Narva, Rakvere and Kohtla-Jarve.


Tallinn sightsTallinn is the capital of Estonia. Tallinn is called the pearl of medieval Europe. The city is famous for its old town that in 1997 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the heart of Estonia you definitely should visit the medieval town hall, the highest building of this era and also St. Olaf Church, Kadriorg palace and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral with its famous domes.


Tartu sightsВThe second largest city in Estonia. Tartu university, founded in 16th century also was the start of Estonian national movement. Even in modern days Tartu is considered the most "Estonian" city of the republic. The city is called “the city of good thoughts”.


Parnu sightsThe resort Parnu attracts young people with its sea coast, merry and noisy crowds and varied program of summer entertainment. While older people prefer Parnu because of its fresh air, mud baths and silence. Parnu is called summer capital of Estonia.

Saaremaa and Muhu Islands

Estonia IslandsThe islands are nature reserves of national originality where perfectly save national traditions. However they develop pace with the times. These places for a long time were famous medical mud. Today on the places of the mud sources are opened modern healing centers that offer a lot of procedures.


Narva sightsNarva is the third largest city in Estonia, which is located on the left shore of the Narva River on border with Russia. The city is worth visiting because of its history and culture.


RakvereThe town in the north Estonia between Narva and Tallinn. The first mention of Rakvere refer to the XIII century. Rapidly developing town attracts tourist with its festivals and entertainment.


Kohtla-Jarve is located in nort-east Estonia near the highway Tallinn-Narva-Petersburg. The town was founded because of significant oil shale deposits.


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