Narva is the third biggest city in Estonia , located on the left shore of the river Narva, on the border with Russia. Its history started after the fire of 1659 when from Old Narva remained only three houses and a castle. After that in the central part of the city was allowed to build only stone buildings. Until the World War II Narva was famous for its universal style where mixed gothic, baroque and classicism. In 1944 the city was almost destroyed and during its renovation were also restored many architectural monuments.

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Tourist information center: Peetri plats 3, 20308 Narva, Phone: +372 35 99137,

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How to reach Narva

By train. Train schedule from Moscow.

Schedule of suburban trains in Estonia.

By bus. Schedule of intercity buses in Estonia.

Schedule of international buses from Saint Petesburg, Riga and Vilnius.

By car. Travel time: from Tallinn - 2h 35min, from Saint Petersburg - 2h 20min.

Narva museum

The Narva castle

Architecture complex, which includes Livonian order castle and fortress that were built by Danes as a residence of the viceroy. The main tower – Pikk Hermann is a city landmark. The castle is renovated and today you can visit here Narva history museum.


Narva hotels

Hotels in Narva

Hotels, guest houses, apartments and other accommodation options in Narva.

The church in Narva

Alexander's Lutheran Church

The church was built in 1881 – 1884 and dedicated to Emperor Alexander II. It is the only Lutheran church in Narva and the biggest in Estonia. Inside its campanile is opened history and culture museum and in the hall are hosted different concerts.

Resurrection Cathedral in Narva, Estonia

The Resurrection Cathedral

The Orthodox cathedral was built in 1890-1898. The first stone in the foundation put Emperor Alexander III. The special value made classic three-part iconostasis and wooden crucifix of Christ of XVII century. It’s a wonder that the cathedral has “survived” during the World War II and therefore its look preserved up to present days.

Narva waterfalls

The waterfalls

On the territory former Krenholm factory are Narva waterfalls. They are formed because of the work of hydroelectric factory in Ivangorod. It’s possible to see waterfalls during the spring flooding with excursion from Narva museum. Also is interesting to visit Keila waterfall (6 m) to which lead suspension bridges.

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