Liepaja – “city, where the wind is born” – the third largest city in the country. It’s in the west Latvia (Kurzeme), in 200 km from Riga and only in 50 km from the Lithuanian border. The city is considered to be the birthplace of Latvian rock.

Near to Liepaja is a small town, called Karosta (war harbor). It has a great value in the history of Russian empire – from this point was launched a squadron for Port Arthur saving. In soviet times the harbor territory was closed for visitors. Today the former garrison jails is turned into the tourism facility.

Extra information

Tourist information center: Liela iela 11, Phone: +371 348 08 08,

Liepaja website

How to reach Liepaja

By the ferry from cities: Karlshamm (Sweden) and Rostok (Germany). Additional information on operator website.

By bus every half hour. Timetable on bus station website. Travel time - 3 hours.

By car. Travel time - 3 hours.

By planeНа самолете - charter flights to Sweden, Denmark and other countries are made from Liepaja airport.

Cathedral in Liepaja, Latvia

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St Nicholas Maritime Cathedral

The cathedral was built in 1903 by famous Saint Petersburg architect Vasily Antonovich Kosyakov. The cathedral consecration occurred in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II. In the soviet period the cathedral building was turned into a sailor's club. The cathedral was restored and newly consecrated in 1992.

Show in the prison

The Naval Port Prison

The jail was found in the beginning of 20th century. Now it’s more like museum and a place when you can feel yourself as a prisoner. Extreme lovers even can spend a night in the jail. Also Karosta is famous for its ghosts which are supposed to dwell here. The team “Ghost Hunters International” has been here to catch them. You can search for the ghosts in underground labyrinths of the prison with torch light.


Liepaja hotels

Park-hotel Roze

A cozy manor in 100 meters from the sea, in 3-5 minutes from the city center, in seaside park – the only hotel in Liepaja which is located in the seaside park zone.

ice hall in Liepaja

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Ice hall

Liepaja ice hall will enjoy even those who have never been skating before. Here you can learn skating, and then relax in the sauna.

 Liepaja Seaside Park

Seaside Park

In the biggest Latvian park (50 ga) are stadium, tennis courts, bowling club, platforms for mini-golf, skate park and summer stage. Here are grown 170 plant species and near is a sea.

Zoo in Liepaja, Latvia

Kalvene Zoo "Ciruli"

Kalvene zoo is in 55 km from Liepaja. Here is a specially built tower with a café from which you can watch animals like wolverines, Kiang herd (the biggest herd in captivity in the world), brown bears, birds of prey, wolves and others.


Liva hotel in Latvia

Liva Hotel

3-star hotel of the superior class, in 10 minutes from the beach. It provides all facilities to its guests – non-smoking rooms, free Wi-Fi, conditioner, apartments, laundry service and etc.

Beach in Liepaja

Beach in Liepaja

To Liepaja beach was granted the EU Blue Flag Certificate. It proves the high quality of the water and the coast, as well as the high quality of service and safety. However, water in Liepaja is cooler than at the beach in Jurmala.

St. Trinity Church in Liepaja

St. Trinity Church

The church was built in the period from 1742 to 1758. Today it’s the most famous because of its architecture, splendid interior and, of course, organ – one of the largest in Europe. Here you can listen to the organ music and climb to the church tower (55 m), to get a scenic view on the city.

Promenade in Liepaja


The old seafront of Liepaja is now turned into the pleasant and beautiful place for promenade. It is decorated with the wave-like fountain and amber clock, while the music club “The Fontaine Palace” attract tourist with themed evenings and concerts of local and international groups.

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