unOfficial Map of Riga and Jurmala © - Colourful, user-friendly, detailed tourist map. Published in printed form by tourism portal since May 2006.

unOfficial Map of Riga and Jurmala

One of the kind map covering tourist centre of Riga and, in some editions – the centre of Jurmala. Judging by numerous comments of hotel staff and personnel of information center of Riga International Airport it is the most convenient and easily understood city map for tourists.

Map preview:

Side 2 – map of Riga

Side 2 – Map of Jurmala

Languages: all comments are given in English and Russian.

Periodicity: it is published once in two months, 6 editions a year.


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Print run 15,000-25,000 each edition, depending on the season. Total year print run amounts to 100,000-120,000.

Format – handy pocket format.

- Folded: width - 12 cm, height - 17 cm (less than a notebook page).

- Unfolded: B3 - width - 59 cm, height - 41 cm (a little bigger than two standard А4 sheets).


The map is distributed free of charge:

- In Riga International Airport information centre

- In major hotels of Riga and Jurmala (three-star and higher) – more detailed list is available for clients

- At the tourism fairs in Latvia and abroad

- In the Embassy of Latvia in Moscow and Consulate in Saint Petersburg

Travel agencies, conference organizers and other interested organizations can buy maps in lots for their needs at a price of 0,20 EUR per copy. A lot contains 100 copies, with further augmentation of 100 copies. VAT included.

Advertising in the map

Advertising rates:

- Business card on the side of the map + marking – 95 EUR + VAT

- Advertising Page – 385 EUR + VAT

More detailed advertising rates for current edition to be sent upon request.

Please write:

Or call: +371 67 413 308


In unOfficial Map of Riga the scale and some distances are intentionally changed for the purpose of making the map more readable and handy. The unique street layout is an author’s product of and is subject to copyright law. None of the map’s content, including fragments of the map, street layout, pictures may not be used in whole or in part without written consent of the owners.

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