By air

airBalticRiga airport offers connections to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kyiv, Tashkent, New-York and many other cities.

There are also two inland routes: Riga-Liepaja and Riga-Ventspils.

Reaching Riga and Jurmala from the airport

Riga’s only airport is located 13 km from the centre of Riga halfway between the capital and the town of Jurmala.

Regular express bus N22a and bus N22 services run from the airport to the centre of Riga. The bus fare is correspondingly 0.40 Ls (ca 0,57 EUR).

From June 3, 2008 to October 31 a direct bus runs between airport and Jurmala. Fare is 2 Ls (about 3 EUR).

Estimated taxi fare to the centre of Riga – 8 Ls (11 EUR) (1,50 Ls for boarding and 0,50 Ls per km)

Estimated taxi fare to the centre of Jurmala – 8 Ls (11 EUR)

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By train

TrainTrain services run from Riga to Saint-Petersburg (once per day) and to Moscow (twice per day).

Reaching town from the train station

There is only one train station in Riga. It is located in the centre of town, 5-10 minutes walking distance from the Old Town next to the bus station and the terminus of fixed-route taxis to Jurmala (Jurmala can be reached by electric train or by fixed-route taxi).

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By busМеждугородний автобус Рига

There are bus connections from Riga to virtually any point in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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By car

В Латвию на машинеDocuments required: In order to drive in Latvia you must possess a valid international driving license.

Speed: the speed limit in rural areas is 90 km/h, that in residential areas is 50 km/h. On certain highways the speed limit reaches 100 km/h (including the Riga-Jurmala highway).

Drink driving carries a maximum penalty of a fine of 500 Ls (1000 USD), up to 15 days imprisonment and a ban. The legal limit of alcohol in driver’s blood is 0.5% (appr. a bottle of beer).

Keep dipped headlights on at all times! Dipped headlights should be on in Latvia at any time of the day all the year round.

Parking: Parking meters are in general use in Riga, parking pay is required until 8 pm, no parking pay after 8 pm, on weekends and public holidays. Parking in the centre of Riga costs from 0,80Ls for 1st hour and higher, starting from 2nd hour 1,20Ls and higher.

Entering the Old Riga - entrance tickets are required. These can be purchased:

- at STATOIL petrol stations, Eksporta ielа 1c and Muitas ielа 4 (24h)

- in MARIKA store, Basteja bulvаris 14 (24h)

- in Parex Banka offices, Smilsu iela 3, Kalku iela 28 (office hours)

The price of the ticket is 5 Ls/h (ca 7 EUR), 2nd and subsequent hours are more expensive.

The Old Riga can be entered through five automated check points.

Petrol: A litre of petrol costs about 80 cents. There are both automated petrol stations (pay at the machine and then pump) and petrol stations where you pump first and then pay at a station shop after having indicated the number of the pump. The maximum amount of fuel allowed across the border is a full tank and a fuel can.

Tinted windows: windscreen not more than 25%, front side windows not more than 30%.

Studded tyre: Allowed from 1st October until 1st May.

Foreign citizens are obligated to register any vehicles and trailers brought from other states in the Road Safety Office provided they participate in the traffic in Latvia and their period of stay exceeds three months.

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By ferry

Паром Вентспилс-СааремааRiga, Ventspils and Liepaja can be reached by ferries.

The most popular tourist routes are Riga-Stockholm, Ventspils-Saaremaa (Estonia). Ferry services are car-carrying.

How to reach town (in Riga)

Ferry terminal is located 1.5 km from the centre of Riga. Trams 5, 7 and 9 connect the terminal to the centre.

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Public transport

Паром Вентспилс-СааремааThere is no underground service in Riga but tramway, trolleybus, bus and fixed-route taxi services provide a convenient way of travelling and timetables are strictly adhered to.

Fare system:

Bus tickets are available at conductor or bus-driver. Ticket price is Ls 0.40. In trolley-buses and trams common tickets valid for one trip are used. They can be bought at terminal stops, ticket offices or trade booths Narvesen, Preses apvieniba and Plus Punkts. At booths ticket price is 0.40 Ls, in trams and trolley-buses price is 0.50 Ls.

Таxi It is advisable to book a Taxi by phone rather than getting one on the street. Use taxi companies to avoid the risk of being overcharged (e.g. night tariff used instead of the day one).

Official rate: till 0.50 Ls per km in the day time (0.71 EUR) and till 1.50 Ls for boarding (about 2 EUR).

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