From Moscow to Riga is track M9 through Volokolamsk - Rzhev - Great Luke. Not all parts of roead are in good condition, thats why some travellers prefer to go through Belarus. Roads in Latvia basically arei in fine condition, but usually narrow with 2 traffic lanes.

Documents required: In order to drive in Latvia you must possess a valid international driving license.

Speed: the speed limit in rural areas is 90 km/h, that in residential areas is 50 km/h. On certain highways the speed limit reaches 100 km/h (including the Riga-Jurmala highway).

Drink driving carries a maximum penalty of a fine of 700 EUR (1000 USD), up to 15 days imprisonment and a ban. The legal limit of alcohol in driver’s blood is 0.5% (appr. a bottle of beer).

Keep dipped headlights on at all times! Dipped headlights should be on in Latvia at any time of the day all the year round.

Parking: Parking meters are in general use in Riga, parking pay is required until 8 pm, no parking pay after 8 pm, on weekends and public holidays. Parking in the centre of Riga costs from 2 EUR for 1st hour and higher, starting from 2nd hour 2,50 EUR and higher.

Entering the Old Riga - entrance tickets are required. These can be purchased:

- at STATOIL petrol stations, Eksporta ielа 1c and Muitas ielа 4 (24h)

- in MARIKA store, Basteja bulvаris 14 (24h)

- in Parex Banka offices, Smilsu iela 3, Kalku iela 28 (office hours)

The price of the ticket is 7 EUR, 2nd and subsequent hours are more expensive.

The Old Riga can be entered through five automated check points.

Petrol: A litre of petrol costs about 1,30 EUR. There are both automated petrol stations (pay at the machine and then pump) and petrol stations where you pump first and then pay at a station shop after having indicated the number of the pump. The maximum amount of fuel allowed across the border is a full tank and a fuel can.

Tinted windows: windscreen not more than 25%, front side windows not more than 30%.

Studded tyre: Allowed from 1st October until 1st May.

Foreign citizens are obligated to register any vehicles and trailers brought from other states in the Road Safety Office provided they participate in the traffic in Latvia and their period of stay exceeds three months.

Useful links:

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