Estonia islands

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The most popular among tourists Estonian islands – Saaremaa and Muhu are lying in the Baltic sea, to the west of the continent.

Saaremaa – the biggest Estonian island with 36 000 population. Its capital and the only city is Kuressaare. Here is baked sweet and sour bread and brewed beer, in villages you still can see buildings, covered with a thatched roof, stone fences and windmills. The symbol of the island – juniper, from it is made souvenirs and tableware that give food a special flavor.

Also worth visiting the third largest Estonian island – Muhu that is a kind of ethnographic open-air museum.


All Estonian regions

Parnu - 163 km

Ventspils - 65 km by the sea

Tallinn - 206 km

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Extra information

information for touristsTourist information center: Tallinna 2, 93813 Kuressaare, Phone: +372 453 31 20,

Saaremaa website

How to reach

By ferry. The Muhu island has a regular ferry service with continent from port Virtsu. The ferry, which takes on board more than 150 cars and even more passengers, crosess Vyaynameri strait within 25 minutes. Ferry traffic schedule

By bus from Tallinn and other cities. Bus schedule

By car from Tallinn to Virtsu harbour. Travel time: from Tallinn - 2 h, from Riga - 3,5 h. Next is ferry (preferably to book your place in advance).

By plane from Tallinn to Kuressaare Airport (Saaremaa), whence to Muhu Island is 45 km. In summer there are flights from Stockholm. Kuressaare Airport website


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Muhu Ostrich Farm in Estonia

Muhu Ostrich Farm

Here you can see and feed the biggest flightless birds – African ostriches, South American – nandus and Australian emus. In the small shop are sold souvenirs, ostrich eggs, meat, leather, creams and oils. Also you can see on the farm kangaroos and ponies.


Saaremaa hotels

Hotels in Saaremaa

Hotels, guest houses, apartments and other accommodation options in Saaremaa.

astrobleme in Estonia

Photo by: Lauri Oherd/

Meteorite crater

In 18 km from Kuressaare is a 100-meters crater lake. The year of meteorite fall is still unknown, but in ancient times this lake with perfectly smooth edges was a place of sacrifice.

Medieval castle in Estonia

Kuressaare Episcopal castle

The gothic fortress of Kuressaare is one of the oldest in Baltics. Here is exposure of the Saaremaa museum, which feature island’s history, its city and nature.

Sorve peninsula in Estonia

Photo by: Ani/

Sorve peninsula and beacon

The beacon is located on the peninsula Sõrve, at the inlet to the Irbene strait. This place is very popular among Latvian tourists, as from here you can observe coast of Latvia.

Catherine's Church in Estonia

Catherine's Church

This is one of the oldest remained churches in Estonia. It was built in 1267 and is a great example of early Gothic style and Byzantine murals.

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