City in the North Estonia, between Narva and Tallinn. Rakvere was first mentioned in 13th century. Today Rakvere is very attractive for tourists and rapidly developing city. Here is held very popular international rock-festival «Green Christmas»; also every two years here is held theatre festival “Baltoscandal” which attract young film directors. Must-see city objects are central Square and Pikk Street on both sides of which are a lot of galleries, shops, cafes, workshops and sights.

Extra information

Tourist information center: Laada tn 14, Rakvere, Phone:(+372) 324 2734

Rakvere website

How to reach Rakvere

By train from Tallinn. Travel time - 1h 40min. Train schedule.

By bus. Estonian intercity buses.

By car. Travel time: from Tallinn - 1h 20min, from Riga - 4h 25min, from Saint Petersburg - 4 h.


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Castle in Rakvere

The castle's ruins

The stone castle was built on the spot of wooden fortress after Livonian war. Today you can see here exhibition of medieval weapons, try medieval dishes and learn some archery skills.


Rakvere hotels

Hotels in Rakvere

Hotels, guest houses, apartments and other accommodation options in Rakvere.

Theater in Rakvere

Rakvere Theatre

Theater was opened in 1940, here are performances, both for adults and children. In addition, here also are café and cinema. In theatre are organized excursions, during which it’s possible to visit the backstage.

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