Jelgava and Jelgava region are very close to Riga (in 42 km). The most famous local historical monument – Jelgava Castle. Also in the region are a lot of beautiful churches. In addition, Jelgava region provide opportunities for various activities. You can visit ice hall and bowling, and also try parachuting, which offers Jelgava airport.

Extra information

Torist information center in Jelgava

Pasta 37

Phone: +371 63 022 751

Jelgava website

How to reach Jelgava

By train Riga-Jelgava, every hour.

Travel time - 50 min.

Schedule on railway website.

By bus -

every hour, schedule on bus station website.

By minibus - every 15-20 minutes.

By car -

travel time: 40-50 minutes.

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