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An ecologically friendly,comfortable and beautiful place for business meetings in an informal atmosphere, training, educational activities, concerts, festivals, seminars, conferences.

The main idea behind the centre is to offer functional and homely space to the modern person. It is a place where everyone could be on their own and get in touch with humanist culture by participating in various cultural events.

Lizari provides an excellent space for training, business conferences, seminars and cultural events. It offers technically equipped premises and lecture halls for 10, 20, 50 and 90 people, with video and projecting equipment, APPLE TV communication, YAMAHA acoustic devices, Wi-Fi, photo equipment, provisions for tea and coffee breaks with drinks, fruits and home cakes.

There are also two modern hotels with single and double rooms. They have nice and cosy rooms with breakfast included and possibility to order all meals at Lizari restaurant. All apartments are unique, boasting individual designer solutions.

Our guests will have at their disposal: mini beauty and health studio, tennis courts, volleyball patch, table tennis, billiard, bicycles, sauna, swimming in a pond, ice skating, and many other pastimes.

There are possibilities for organising music and theatre performances in the glass Rotonda for an audience of 200 spectators, on the borderless Latvian fields or inside a cone-shaped Concert Pavilion that can house 100 guests, using a range of music instruments.

Enjoy the delicious food offered at our restaurants. Unique dishes created by our chef will charm you without a shadow of doubt. We offer only healthy food using the best and the freshest quality products. Sweet-smelling soups, Mediterranean salads with seafood, rich truffle risottos or grilled meat and fish will ensure that you experience gastronomic delights to the full.

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Jelgavas novads, Vircavas pagasts, Mazlauki
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