Latvia can be called the theatrical country, and not only due to the fact that we have a lot of professional fields with a really high level of scene art. Latvian spectator - a knowledgeable, educated and delicate connoisseur of theater. Latvia is famous for it's cultural theatrical life for a very long time!

The Latvian National Opera with Richard Wagner featuring amongst its founding fathers is indisputably the main venue in the country.

The Russian Drama Theatre will offer a fascinating cultural experience to the Russian-speaking tourists. It is noteworthy that in many productions maestro Raimond Pauls performs his music himself.

It was in the Russian Drama Theatre that the actress Maria Naumova – a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest – began her career and Peter Stein staged The Seagull starring Nika Plotnikova – known to the audience from her performance at the Novaya Volna (New Wave) festival in 2003.

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