Latgale is a historical region in eastern Latvia on the border with Russia and Belarus. Here lives about a third of country population and they have its own language. Also the majority of population in Latgale are Russians.

In Latgale is the second largest city in Latvia – Daugavpils, quite big city Rezekne and smaller towns – Ludza, Balvi, Kraslava. Latgale is called “land of blue lakes” as here is the biggest lake in Latvia – Lubanas (82,1 sq. m) and the deepest lake Dridzis (max. depth 63 m), that also is the deepest in Baltic.

Extra information

Tourist information center:

Ludza:: Baznicas 42, Phone: +371 65 707 203, +371 29 467 925,,

Balvi:: Berzpils 1a, Phone: +371 64 522 356, +371 29 119 786,

Rezekne:: Atbrivosanas aleja 98, hotel „Latgale”, room 110, Phone: +371 64 605 005, +371 26 337 449,

Kraslava:: Brivibas 13, Phone: +371 65 622 201, +371 26 395 176, +371 26 487 763, факс +371 65 622 266,

Latgale website

Rezekne website

Kraslava website

Ludza website

Blavi website

How to reach:

You can reach Rezekne by train Riga-Moscow as well as by train to Zilupe (you can reach a Ludza station by it). Timetable is on Latvian railway website.

Others Latgale towns are reachable by bus from Riga, timetable is on bus station website. Travel time: to Ludza - 4h 20min,to Balvi - 4 hours, to Kraslava - 4h 30min, to Rezekne - 3h 50min.

By car. Travel time: to Rezekne - 3h 10min, to Ludza - 3h 25min, to Balvi - 2h 45min, to Kraslava - 3h 15min.


Rezene – town on seven hills one of region culture centers. In town are regularly held song festivals, every 2 years – music festival of Latgale TV. Because of proximity of three countries, Rezekne was given the status of a special economic zone.


Ludza is located in eastern Latvia, in 271 km from Riga. Close to town is Latvian border with Russia and Belarus. Ludza with its suburbs is famous for very clean environment.


Small and very green town, near to Pskov region. It is situated between two lakes.


Small town Kraslava is famous for its suburbs. In Kraslava region is 273 lakes and it crosses the biggest river in Latvia – Daugava. From the main Kraslava attractions is Sun Mountain.

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