Madona is from 170 km to north-east of Riga. In Madonas region is located the highest Latvian point – Gaizinkalns (311,6 meters above sea level) and also several high (for Latvia) mountains. Here are fully equipped modern ski routs. In region are many beautiful lakes, one of the most popular – Lubanas lake. There are no big industrial factories in region and therefore its nature remained unspoiled. Near to Madona is Teici Nature Reserve.

Extra information

Tourist information center: Saieta laukums 1, Phone: +371 64 860 573, +371 29 130 437,

Madona website

How to reach Madona:

By bus (every hour). Bus schedule. Travel time - 2h 40 min.

By train. Train schedule. Travel time - 2 h 40 min.

By car. Travel time - 2h 10min.

Cesvaine Castle

Cesvaine Castle

Castle was built in 1890-1897 years. It was designed by architects H. Grizebahs and A. Dinklage. The castle is perfect sample of eclecticism; it’s surrounded by romantic park where are grown more than 70 species of trees and shrubs. Near to the castle are ruins of medieval castle.


Ski track Golgats

In Golgats are 5 snow tracks – the big with springboard (240 m), the small (290 m), rout for cross-country skiing (3,5 km) and two forest tracks. All track are fully equipped.


outdoor activities

Ski track Gaizinkalns

On the highest Latvian mountain – Gaizinkalns, are several ski trails with lengths up to 360 m. Here are also café and guest house where you can stay for a night.


Marcienas Muiza

Marcienas Muiza

SPA-resort “Marciena Manor” is situated in manor buildings complex. The hotel is not far from Ekabpils. It is surrounded by magnificent nature and this is the full board where are used only eco-friendly local products.

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