Over the past 11 years, both ecotourism and biological (or organic) farming have become increasingly popular within Latvia. Overnight accommodation is available in over 275 country cottages today, with many situated on biological farms. Accommodation options range from private guest cottages equipped with saunas and outdoor grills, to individual rooms within a farmhouse. Not only do country cottages offer modern conveniences, they also provide access to what many of us lack: fresh air, silence, undisturbed nature and ecologically-clean food. Activity options include saunas, horseback-riding, fishing, and hunting, as well as swimming, canoeing and row-boating.

Many country cottages are members of the Lauku Celotajs association (www.celotajs.lv) and receive regular certification by meeting strict, international requirements. Accommodation may be booked online in English.

Ecotourism is attractive in Latvia because of its remarkably low population density, yet highly developed infrastructure. Currently, the population of Latvia totals less than 2.5 million people, with half living in Riga or its suburbs. Conversely, the Netherlands, with roughly the same land area, is home to 18 million people. Despite Latvia’s low population, most areas have developed infrastructure. Over 80% of the country has modern telephone and internet access, while roads and public transport are of good quality. It is also possible to go virtually anywhere by train, bus, or microbus, so car rental is not a necessary requirement for a country vacation.

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