Ekabpils is located in 140 km from Riga on the river Daugava. It was founded in the beginning of 17th century as a settlement and in 1670 it was given the town rights and was named after its founder, Kurzeme count – Ekabpils.

Modern town borders were founded in 1962 when Ekabpils was merged with the neighboring town Krustpils. That’s why town railway station is called Krustpils. Ekabpils is located on the strategically important railway intersection. These are railways like Riga-Daugavpils and Riga-Rezekne-Zilupe, through in are made passenger and cargo transportation to the East Europe.

Extra information

Tourist information center: Brivibas 140/142, Phone: +371 65 233 822, +371 29 322 037, jektic@apollo.lv

Ekabpils website

How to reach Ekabpils

By train – from Riga to Krustpils station. Travel time - 2h 20min. Timetable on the Latvian railway website.

By bus from Riga. Ekabpils bus station phone: + 371 65 231 473. Timetable on bus station website.

By car. Travel time - 2 hours.

Krustpils castle

Photo by: m.m.mimi/flickr.com

Krustpils castle

Krustpils castle was built in 14th century and its owners changed several times. In 18th century the castle was built almost from scratch, from the old building remained only wall fragments. Today here is situated Ekabpils history museum where you can see the cellars of a medieval castle and a room of Soviet army.


hotels in Ekabpils

Daugavkrasti hotel

The hotel on the Daugava river shore, with 24 rooms. The hotel can accommodate up to 70 guests simultaneously, including additional beds.

Koknese castle

Koknese castle ruins

The castle was built in 13th century at the behest of Bishop Albert. It stands for 500 years and was rebuilt many times, but was exploded during the North War. Up to present days remained only ruins and legends about castle masters.

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