Local sights and attractions

  • National Park "Kursu Nerija" - in 2000 the national park “Kursu Nerija” is put on the list of UNESCO world heritage, as a unique cultural landscape.
  • Nature Museum of “Kursu Nerija” National Park – was established on September 1, 1988. The exposition, placed in three restored buildings tell about the Curonian Spit, the unique corner of Lithuanian nature, about its geological development, geographical features, archaeology, landscape formation, and about flora and fauna.
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  • Fisherman’s Ethnographic Manor – The main building of the fisherman’s ethnographical manor is a dwelling house, built in 1900. In the beginning of the 80’s, it was destroyed by ice-floes. The family that lived there was evacuated, and the restored house became the ethnographic manor. All premises are fitted out just the way there were, when fishermen lived there. You can see their furniture, dishes and other household items. Four different fishing boats are shown there as well. All of them are genuine.

How to reach

You can reach the Curonian Spit by a ferry from Klaipeda. Ferries travel back and forth from two piers every 30 minutes. Only passengers, passenger cars, and trucks weighting less than 3.5 tons are transported from the Old Terminal (8, Zveju street). In case of a large flow of passengers, vehicles are not transported.

Ferry Traffic to the Curonian Spit (LT, GER, RU, EN)

Tourism Information

Tourism informationTourism Information Centers

Nida - Tajkos, 4 tel.: 8 469 523 45, fax: 8 469 525 38, info@visitneringa.lt

Juodkrante - L.Rezos, 54 tel.: 8 46 534 90

Photos used are taken from the website of the Kursiu Nerija National Park ( LT, EN, RU)

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