Birshtonas is one of the oldest Lithuanian resorts. Is located in the heart of Lithuania, in a bend of the Neman river. This is a spa resort – here as a main medical factor are used natural mineral water and dirt from the local moors. In the city are several spa-centers and sanatoriums where you can get complex and qualified health treatment.

Moreover, the resort is great for various activities – here are bicycle routs, bike rents, tennis courts, is well-developed river tourism and are ski tracks.

Birstonas map

All Lithuanian regions

Kaunas - 40 km

Druskininkai - 85 km

Vilnius - 90 km

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Extra information

information for touristsTourist information center: Ул. Б. Сруогос 4, Phone: +370 319 65 740,

Birstonas website

How to reach

By bus from Vilnius. Travel time - 1 h 50 min. Bus schedule.

By car. Travel time: from Vilnius - 1h 20min, from Riga - 3h 50min, from Minsk - 3h 30min.


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Park in Birstonas

Regional park of Neman

This is one of the biggest Lithuanian parks and a perfect place for rest. You can enjoy its beauty and natural monuments, wandering around or riding a bicycle that you can rent right in the park.


Birstonas hotels

Hotels in Birstonas

Hotels, guest houses, apartments and other accommodation options in Birstonas.

Museum of Sacred Art

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Museum of Sacred Art

The museum was recently opened (in 2000, but it already has quite big collection of religious art. Here you can see sacral art, textiles, sculpture, folk art and items for religious rituals.

Buvet in Birstonas

Mineral water springs

Buvet is a free spring of mineral water. In Birshtonas are two Buvets – in the Vitautas park and in sanatorium “Tulpe”.

Skiing track in Birstonas

Skiing track

Skiing tracks of Birshtonas is on the hill with height 40 m. The track is opened in winter season; the length of the downhill is 160 m.

Airtourism in Birstonas

Paragliding and baloon flights

You can fly over Birshtonas on a paraglider or in a balloon. During the paragliding are made free photos and recordings.

Bicycle Touring in Birstonas

Bicycle Touring

In Birshtonas are several bicycle routs, one of them – 15 km passes through the Zhverinchyussky forest. On the both sides there are playgrounds and Sport & Rest areas, as well as camps.

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