Each and every resident of a Non-EU country has rights to get a VAT Refund when shopping in Latvia.

How to use TAX FREE Shopping in Latvia and get back untill 17% of puchase price?

- Search TAX FREE Shopping logo at shops’ windows or ask shop-assistances for information.

- To get a TAX FREE cheque, You need to present your passport or special ID Card to a shop assistant. For most goods VAT rate in Latvia is 21% and it is possible to get 17% of the purchase amount back using TAX FREE Shopping service. Beware of the minimum purchase amount that is 30,26 Ls (about 43 EUR). Purchases should be made at one shop during one day.

- Your purchase will be packed and sealed with a special tape. Be sure not to open it until you leave the European Union.

- When leaving European Union the cheque (together with purchase and the ID) must be presented at the Customs, where You will have your cheque stamped by a Customs authority. The purchase should be exported by the person, who is mentioned in the TAX FREE cheque.

- You have a choice of receiving your TAX FREE Refund in cash, on credit card or by bank cheque. If you travel by plane, there is a possibility to get a cash Refund right at the airport.

Be sure to follow the following rules:

- The purchase must not be unpacked and used until it is exported from EU

- The purchase should be exported from EU no later than on the last day of the 3rd month following the month of purchase.

- The Tax Free Cheque must be stamped at the Customs (last customs of EU).

- The cheque is valid 1 year from the purchase date. Be sure to get your Refund in cash or to send the cheque to Tax refund company till cheque’s expiry date.

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