You might not have considered heading to Riga for your holidays in the past. But with its Baltic beauty, rowdy pub crawls, and over 50,000 square feet of casinos offering everything from poker and blackjack to roulette, the city has quickly become a stand-out location for stag parties.

It’s easy to see why – after all, the price of a pint in Latvia’s capital is less than you’d spend for a bottle of Coke in England, with some bars charging as little as €1.50! Cheap prices and seemingly endless entertainment make this city the perfect choice to send off any groom-to-be in style.

So, if you want to plan a wild weekend your mate will never forget, read on to find out why exactly Riga has become the go-to destination for stag parties.

Riga Boasts Vibrant Nightlife…

New York is supposedly the city that never sleeps, but we think Riga can give the big apple a run for its money. The nightlife here ranges from all-night casinos and underground pubs, to live music sets and GameStation bars. Here, you can order your favourite drinks whilst playing anything from board games to PlayStation!

Whether your stag party is looking for somewhere to sample the local beer, or is on the hunt for something a little wilder, Riga will leave you spoilt for choice. Arrange a guided pub crawl that will take in some of the city’s most famous drinking spots, before moving on to a nightclub, strip club, or even a Medieval banquet at a Game of Thrones-inspired restaurant in the centre of Riga!

…And Adrenaline-Fuelled Activities

Don’t let Riga’s dazzling nightlife overshadow the number of daytime activities on offer. If the stag is into sports, he’ll be thrilled by the opportunity to rent quad bikes, go-karts, or even a football pitch!

Riga’s beautiful location on the edge of the Daugava River means that there’s no shortage of river-based sports, either. If a water jet pack experience or stand up paddling boarding sounds good to you, you’ll have no trouble arranging a stag weekend that nobody in your party will forget in a hurry.

If you’d rather spend your days relaxing before heading out for a night on the town, there’s still plenty to do in Riga, whether you’re nursing a hangover or simply want to chill with your friends. Book a spa day with a difference with a hangover recovery package, or even try out the city’s famous Beer Spa – where you and your party can soak in a vat of warm water infused with barley, hops, malt, brewing yeasts, and classic beer bubbles!

It’s A Great Location All-Year Round

In Riga, the winter months will often see temperatures dip well below zero. But if your stag has planned a dramatic winter wedding, there are few places better equipped to entertain stag parties during the colder season.

From skiing and snowboarding, to driving around the Latvian countryside on a snowmobile, Riga boasts a wealth of winter activities that other stag-friendly cities simply can’t compete with. You can even race your friends down a professional ice track in an Olympic-style bobsleigh, reaching speeds of up to 100km an hour!

So, if you’re planning a party your friends will never forget, why not book a weekend in Riga to celebrate the stag in style?

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