The Microsurgery Center is one of the leading and largest plastic surgery centres in the Baltic countries. The Microsurgery Center provides high quality services and evidence based medicine, allowing for the best treatment results with maximum patient safety. Due to its qualified professionals and high safety standards, the Microsurgery Center has become a well-known and respectable medicine centre not only in Latvia, but also in Europe and worldwide.

The Baltic Hand Microsurgery Congress, organised by the Microsurgery Center, has become an important event for the Eastern Europe region. It is attended by hand surgeons and microsurgeons, not only from Baltic and Scandinavian countries, but also by world leading professionals in order to exchange their experience.

The history of the Microsurgery Center started in 1985, when the only specialised Microsurgery department in Latvia opened at Gaiļezers hospital. The majority of Latvian plastic surgeons have learned and gained their work experience in this department.

The physician team of the Microsurgery Center comprises young, energetic and experienced plastic surgeons, hand surgeons, traumatologists-orthopodists, pediatric surgeons, and ergotherapeutists. They have gained, and are obtaining and improving their professional knowledge working in full clinical responsibility jobs at clinics in the US, Singapore, Norway, Germany and Austria. The obtained experience, contacts with foreign colleagues, as well as a real interest in their job allows them to follow the latest developments in the field, and to also introduce more progressive methods in plastic surgery in Latvia.

Currently, the Microsurgery Center is an academic base for medical students and residents requiring training in programmes of plastic and hand surgery. Physicians from foreign clinics often choose to take training in programmes of plastic and arm surgery at the Microsurgery Center.

The hand surgery clinics of the Microsurgery Center specialise in both acute and planned hand surgeries. This is the only place in Latvia where body parts lost due to injury can be sewn back on. Patients with hand injuries can obtain help 24/7 at the Emergency Medicine and Patient Admission Clinic of the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, where qualified hand surgeons and microsurgeons are available.

The Hand Surgery Clinic of the Microsurgery Center has a wide range of planned medical services for patients with hand diseases. Due to the international standing of the Microsurgery Center, increasing numbers of patients from abroad come to us for treatment. Foreign patients choose the Microsurgery Center because they appreciate the high quality and patient safety standards, good service, as well as the reasonable service price.

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