​“Stargorod" is a large Czech brewery network which differs from other breweries by the fact that we also have our own branded restaurant with a menu that is specifically adjusted to the taste characteristics of “Stargorod” beer.

While enjoying the meal, guests can watch the brewing process. “Stargorod” is not only a brewery with its own restaurant, but also an interesting place to visit located in a 300-year old building, which is a survivor from the Great Northern War. The building was part of fort “Citadel” – defensive military complex, meant for defense of city of Riga and control over the river of Daugava. Together with the city the building was a witness of important historical events, which are depicted on the walls of the brewery hall. Visitors may trace the history of Riga era to era starting from foundation of the city walls to nowadays.

The “Starogorod’s” “living" beer is being brewed according to the traditional Czech brewing methods. It is a combination of traditional and modern technologies. Beer is not being pasteurized, preserved or filtered. In 2014 the brewery of «Stargorod» mixed in the grain and commence the brewing process of «Stritzka alus» - true Latvian beer with a 100 year old history.

«Stritzka alus» is recreated using the recipe from the «Stritzky» Brewing Company's archives, approved by the Latvian «Beer Brotherhood», and of course using the finest authentic Latvian malt from «LatRaps» maltsters. The history of Latvian beer making is going centuries back in time and is covered with many legends and tales. It is known that the «Stritzky» brewing co. created in the year 1854 was one of the largest and financially successful brewing businesses in Latvia. The brewery was known in the whole country for its Latvian beer and its products were delivered to the Royal Court as well as exported abroad.

“Stargorod” is proud to have the largest grill in Latvia that allows you to cook up to 180 kg of meat, therefore the process of meat roasting on the grill is also presented to the visitors of our restaurant.

The “Stargorod” is unique not only because of brewing of real “living” beer and branded cooking, but also because of the broad show program and individual approach when thinking about both adults and children. We have an extensive entertainment program including live music every night, dance shows, live karaoke twice a week, thematic parties, grill shows and animator that entertain the youngest visitors of our restaurant. And of course, we love sport – 50 monitors, 2 big screens, a lot of beer and here you can feel the effect of a stadium. Come to Stargorod and feel it all by yourself!

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