Spot Kafe is a small cozy bar located on the most cinematographic street of Riga, Jauniela street, which is extremely famous for many movies filmed here.

Jauniela is also one of the busiest street for Riga nightlife.

Spot Bar is specializing in Cocktails and Shots, which are also alcoholic cocktails, but served in a small glassware, not more than 40 ml. (1.4 o.z.).

Each shot is a delicious piece of art and being prepared using unique recipe. Often shots must be consumed in a special way, for example without hands or being fired up. In order to save time, many guests ordering shots in meters, e.g. 10 shots per meter.

The prices in Spot are much lower than average in Riga, this is the reason why Spot Kafe is the best place for pre-party warming-up. Spot is extremely busy during Happy Hours, when you can order 2 drinks for price of 1.

Happy Hours in Spot are every day 17:00-19:00, 22:00-23:00 and 02:00-03:00.

Shot bar Spot has more than 60 unique shots in their menu and bartenders always like to experiment on guests with some made-up mixtures, with acceptance from the guest, of course.

72 last month

19 last month


19 Jauniela, Rīga
Jauniela, 19 Riga
+371 20 44 88 11

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