Life adventure Real Quest. Exciting adventures in Old Riga! Solve puzzles, find clues and discover all the hidden caches to get out of the room…

Crazy hangover

Accidentally you got into the party of the stranger. In the height of the event during the fun, the owner of this party suddenly dissapeared. You understand that you are locked at the appartment and you are not really sober.

Through the cloud of obfuscation you realize that the owner of the party is an extraordinary and creative person with a special way of thinking. You will have to deal with all his fantasies before you can leave this place.

Abandoned research complex

The near future. There was a great scientific achievment in a high technology sphere due to the new cybernetic type of the organism has been made. During the process of development virus, which is changing human DNA, has been used. But something went wrong...

Deadly virus escaped from the complex. For humanity it was a terrible disaster. You are one of the few in the world, who were lucky enough to survive.

You are one of the few in the world, who were lucky enough to survive. It is time to save humanity, down to the lab and find an antidote.

But not everything is so simple… A self-destruct system was activated. You have only an hour…

Strange office

Discover all the secrets of the mysterious office. You are investigating the disappearance of the head of a large company. All strings lead to its competitor. You came to arrest a suspect in his office and discover a shocking surprise …

Breaking Bad

Making drugs for Gustavo Fring was not very good idea - the war between the drug cartels and constant raids of DEA ended with you being the last team of chemists.

The control has tightened, and security staff are watching over you, so that you can not leave the lab to perform the weekly norm.

Fortunately, your lawyer has a person who is able to provide you a new life outside of New Mexico, you only have to get out of the lab.

From dusk till dawn

Running from police you cross the Mexican border, and make a stop in a strip-bar called "From Dusk till dawn".

Mexicans play on guitars, girls are dancing so hot, and tequila flows like a river. Music sounds louder and blood in veins start to pulsate faster.

With every minute girls smiles get angry and bartender looks on your company too hungry!

We must to get out of here, its only hour left till dusk!

Now you see me

You are first-class illusionists. Your main task is to get into the world organization "Brotherhood of the Eye".

Once in 10 years the Brotherhood make a selection and you are invited to try you luck!

You need to figure out where the illusion ends and reality begins. Your weapon is logic and right decisions.

Those, who fail the tests, will not be worth "Brotherhood" and will stay here forever.

You have exactly one hour to escape the room!


Price for one game for the group of 2-6 people:

On weekdays till 18:00 is - 40 €

On weekdays after 18:00, on weekends and holidays - 50 €


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