Fish Spa in Old Riga Garra rufa Spa

Get the boom and beauty of positive emotions! Why is this offer special?

A new and unbelievable way to relax, get new emotions and beauty. With fish spa you will get: gentle and relaxing foot peeling, foot micromassage, softer and younger foot skin, positive emotional charge for the whole day. Fish Spa helps you get rid of the stress and tension that accumulates during the day.

We offer this procedure for adults and children. At the same time, we can provide services for 2 people.

How is the procedure done:

- Foot scrub masters are Garra Rufa fish (called "fish as a doctor"), which gently crumble and feed on the dead skin of the skin of the foot with gently lipstick.

- Do not be afraid, the fish do not have a tooth - they do not hamper the skin and do not create a sense of discomfort, in contrast to the fish makes a pleasant twitching.

- The peeling procedure is quite simple - take your feet in a special aquarium with warm water, which holds small fish and lets you have a gentle, relaxing treatment.

- Special attention is paid to hygiene: aquariums are equipped with a strong filtration system that cleans water mechanically and then biologically, and ends treatment of water with UV radiation, destroying bad bacteria.

Who is the offer?

The massage is for anyone who wants to experience unexpected emotions and perform beauty procedures a bit differently than usual.

Massage in Old Riga Garra rufa Spa

Massage is a touch system, it's art. Each touch nourishes the body, mind, soul.

The massage is for everyone - adults, children, middle-aged people. It needs healthy people to maintain good health. Massage in the classical massages by hand massage the whole body or separate areas of the body - squeezing, rubbing or kneading to soothe the nervous system, remove muscle tension, improve blood circulation and muscle tone, and remove metabolic end products. Experienced masseuse will massage your body during the massage so that the rhythm will disappear and you will take complete relaxation.

These offers are for everyone who wants to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere!

Get pleasure and peace!

Manicure & Pedicure

The healed and healthy body is in fashion all year round!

We offer to take care of your hands and feet. Take care of both adults and children.

During the procedure, you will get beautiful tricks that will bring you femininity and make yourself feel confident!

Treat yourself today!

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