Фотогалереи / Christmas and New Year in Riga

New Year!

Riga and Yurmala getting ready for the New Year, all the main Christmass Trees will light up soon, New Year fairs will open and perhaps snow will fall and not melt at once :) If you want to spend the New Year or the days after it in Riga, see what our partners offer. All pictures open in a new window, the size of the large pictures - 100-120 Kb

Balls at the entrance

An evening promenade

An obligatory part of the New Year program - a visit to LIDO

Deers graze next to the Christmass Tree in Lido

The skating-rink!

The Old Town is getting ready

The Jacob barracks - search for Riga balsam here

The hotels are making surprises of their own (Hotel Konventa Seta)

A traditional decoration - "The Birth of Jesus Christ" at the city wall

An evening promenade around Old Riga

...and the night-life

And certain people head to Yurmala to celebrate the New year!

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