Фотогалереи / New Wave - International Contest of Young Singers of Popular Music in Jurmala

New Wave 2004 - Stars

New Wave is an international song contest for young singers in Jurmala, Latvia. The contest has become a traditional gathering place for Russian music stars. Some come to perform, while others just enjoy themselves by watching. “New Wave 2004” took place from July 28th to August 1st.

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Oskar Kuchera, a New Wave host for the second year in a row, fits perfectly into the Jurmala scene with his bike.

Jay Stever (Janis Stibelis) is shown second from right, together with “Cosmos” band members and Zlata. Jay Stever took third place in “New Wave 2002”. This year he played the role of a host.

New Wave hosts O. Kuchera, Katia Guseva, and Jay Stevers chat during a rehearsal.

Another New Wave host, Lera, arrives shortly before the concert starts

Iosif Kobzon came to Jurmala and hosted one part of the show together with Verka Serducka. Shortly prior to the contest, Latvia took him off the list of those who are not allowed to enter the country. The reason for not letting him enter is still obscure.

One of the New Wave pillars, Raimonds Pauls thought about leaving the jury chairman’s position, but changed his mind after the band “Cosmos” achieved victory.

Igor Krutoy is the second New Wave pillar. This year Irina Dubcova from “Fabrica Zvezd” (the Russian “Star Academy” version which was a project of I. Krutoy) was expected to win, but she received second place.

Composer Vladimir Matetsky is a constant jury member of the contest

New Wave drew together many Russian stars. Some performed, and some just hung out. Igor Nikolaev is shown here.

Arkady Ukupnik makes an appearance

Anzhelika Varum and Leonid Agutin arrive to perform

The top organisers of the contest perform rap songs

Anzhelika Varum and the band "Slivki" rehearse before the show

…another rehearsal photo

Hor Tureckogo (Turecky choir) – provides the audience with a combination of strong voices

Artur Gasparyan, tycoon of Russian journalism, and music column editor of the newspaper “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” watches the show

Also Emmanuil Vitorgan was in the audience.

Russia’s Ambassador to Latvia, Igor Studennikov attended New Wave

Finally the long-awaited opening ceremony commenced!

Philip Kirkorov threatened to “blow up Jurmala” with his new show. Luckily, the city survived.

Lera checks her phone

Sharing the stage are New Wave hosts Oskar Kuchera and Katia Guseva, the singer of the Russian musical “Nord-Ost”

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