Фотогалереи / New Wave - International Contest of Young Singers of Popular Music in Jurmala

New Wave 2004

The second drawing for “New Wave 2004”, an international song contest for young singers (July 28 to August 1 in Jurmala, Latvia), took place on July 20th at the “Livu Akvaparks” water park.

Each competitor had to dive into a swimming pool from a three-meter height and take a bottle with a number from the bottom of the pool.

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Drawing venue: The competitors had to jump from a three meter height and pull a numbered bottle from the bottom of the swimming pool.

The contest General Director, А. Roumyantsev is ready to meet the competitors

Tina Q once again drew No. 1 and managed to "smile through the tears"

Tina Q (Uzbekistan) at poolside

Because of Israel contestant SHAY’s earache, his producer jumped in his place

SHAY (Israel) and his producer Simon Gazarch pose for the camera together. At the closing day press conference, Gazarch, who has brought Israeli performers to Jurmala over the past three years (Eddy Buttler and Rafael received the Audience Sympathy prize

The "HAYER" girls (Armenia) display dazzling smiles

DEEMA (Germany) is always in good shape!

Lana Shvilpe (Lithuania) – just out of water...

Lana Shvilpe (Lithuania) dives for her lucky bottle

QWAN (USA) – plays with his bottle

Vincens (Norway) with his prey

Vincens asks "What did I catch?"

Maarja (Estonia) draws No. 7!

Irina just out of the pool

Irina displays her number six

Another Irina picture

Irina Dubcova (Russia) waits her turn

Irina Dubcova poses specially for the Meeting.lv photographer

Another Irina pose

The band "Cosmos" kicks it up in the pool

“Cosmos” draws an eight

The “Cosmos” pose for the camera

The "Space Ship", used by Cosmonauts (snapped before the drawing)

Zlata (from duo "Mikki i Zlata" - Russia) rushes out of the pool

"Mikki i Zlata" (Russia) kiss for the media

The duo draws the lucky No. 13

Zlata improvises for the camera

Zlata shows her horns

Vitaly Kozlovski (Ukraine) poses with his number

Vitaly Kozlovski and nymphs :) (Tina Q and Anastasiya Gonchar)

SHAY could not stay out of the picture ...

Cool guys SHAY and DEEMA hang out at the hotel before getting on the bus

The bottles are being put in the water

Anastasiya Gonchar reads her number

Anastasiya Gonchar (Russia) waits nervously at the start line

А. Gonchar (Russia) receives the lucky No. 2!

Natalia Barbu (Moldova) let her dancer dive in her place

Let’s see what’s inside...

It turned out to be a good pick!

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