Фотогалереи / New Wave - International Contest of Young Singers of Popular Music in Jurmala

New Wave 2004

This is the first photo gallery on “New Wave 2004”, the international song contest for young singers, which took place from July 28 to August 1, 2004 in Jurmala, Latvia.

These photos were taken during the July 19th drawing, on the lawn next to the hotel “Baltija”, where the competitors stayed.

As part of the competition, each participant had to hit a vase with a number using a paintball gun.

Please also look at the second photo gallery - "Drawing at the Water Park”, and the third gallery - "New Wave 2004 Stars!" when you’ve finished with this one.

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Stage Producer A. Revzin gives instructions on the shooting procedure...

Natalia Barbu (Moldova) is ready to shoot

One is shooting while hundreds watch :)

Natalia wins No. 5!

Vincens from Norway tests his gun

He will perform second to last

Anastasiya Gonchar (Russia) receives her last instructions before the battle

What about turning the gun against my teachers?!

Anastasiya starts to get the hang of it

Deema hits the target at once

He’s Happy!

Irina Dubcova boldly approaches the shooting range

She tries to hit the target from a standing position…

…then switches to her knees.

She obtains a number and lily in a fair battle!

The American "Qwan" did not take long to hit the target.

Vitaly Kozlovski (Ukraine) also hits the target on his first try

Vitaly Kozlovski is one hot Ukrainian guy! :)

A member from "Cosmos" (Latvia) was accepted for the infantry

Here stands the band "Cosmos" (Latvia) two days prior to winning New Wave!

Maarja (Estonia) concentrates fully

Duet "Mikki i Zlata" (Russia) delegated the feminine half to the shooting range

"Mikki i Zlata" pose together in full beauty!

Тina Q (Uzbekistan) took part in the previous New Wave contest as a member of the band “Аъло”. Now she has come to conquer the hearts of jury solo

Tina’s standing position did not work out...

…and she needed additional support

The singer from the band "Hayer" (Armenia) Emmi – used the war strategy of crawling closer to the target

"Imagine you are lying on grass when suddenly a passer-by bends down, and your wallet runs away"

Members of the band "Hayer" (in Armenian it means simply “Armenians”) also took part in last year’s contest, except then Emmi competed alone while the others provided the background vocals

SHAY (Israel) confessed he was losing his head over Latvian girls, and the following days showed that Latvian girls were also losing their heads over SHAY.

SHAY tries out a taste of the drawing

For the girls, here is one more SHAY photo— a close-up version! :)

Lana Shvilpe represented Lithuania in the competition, though she lives in Riga, Latvia

Here’s the vase

Lana with a flower

The drawing is over and everybody’s happy :)

Zlata displays a winsome smile

In the first shot SHAY missed the target , which resulted in a serious talk with his producer who told him that Israel can’t lose

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