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25 cows "graze" in Ventspils, unfortunately after the 24th of Aougust 2002 they were sold by auction. This cow is now painted red and lives in Riga (see the gallery "Autumn in Riga")

The Ventspils autoterminal - the best one in Latvia

The Town Hall Square - here and all around the city there are flower pyramids

Palms grow on the embankment and Krishyanis Valdemars rests there

Venspils "is, went" from there - the Livonian order castle built in the 13-14 centuries

The inner courtyard of the castle (the hand-rails remain from the end of th 20-th century)

The Gospel-Lutheran church of Nicholas (not St. Nicholas, built with assistance of king Nicholas I in 1834-35)

I. Fabricius - a latvian rifleman, one of the most distinguished commanders of the Red army took part in the neutralization of the Krondstadt mutiny... and the monument stands

The "life is beautiful" cow

The oil cow

The "lonely island" cow

... and the cow on a street lamp

Tourists are quided by signs in two languages - Latvian and English

The most popular cafe "Buginsh" (also called "Buhinsh" in common)

The Aquapark (the blue hill is the steepest)

A parent-ambush - a Child-town (you see a 10th part of it)

The "boat" fountain sprinkles water so that you can always see the rainbow on a sunny day

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