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New travel routes for Russians

September 19-21 the Latvia Tours company in assosiation with Lower Kurzeme and Ventspils tourist information agencies organized a guided tour to Liepaya and Ventspils for the representatives of russian travel firms. The main purpose of the trip - to show new perspective routes for tourists from Russia.

LIepaya and Ventspils have made a lot of effort to develop all the necessary srtuctures for tourism and have reached certain success in it. The vice-consul of Latvia in Moscow and the representatives of the followind firms took part in the trip: Baltik Service (Moscow), Vedi Tour (Moscow), Kompass (Moscow), Garant Travel (Moscow), Rassvet (Moscow), Las-Flores (Moscow), Scanditour (Moscow), Finneurotour (Moscow), Dialog (Moscow), Europa 2000 (Moscow), Eurolines (St. Petersburg), Kompass (St. Petersburg), AER (St. Petersburg), Turnavigator (St. Petersburg), LenSey (St. Petersburg), Albatros (St. Petersburg), Lum (St. Petersburg), Unionline (Minsk)

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A city on seven winds, washed by the Baltic sea on the West and "closed" by to laket on the East.

Tourist can enjoy the view of the city from aboard a little plane (LT)

Liepaya is city with its unique atmosphere, there is a cafe or a restaurant at every corner in the Old Town - each with its own original interior and cuisine, the prices however are about 1,5 times lower than in Riga.

The commercial port (LT)

The military port is a place for extreme amusement - you can have a game of aintball in the forts. Sailors welcome you before the game starts - they treat you with vodka and pickles (LT)

The team is ready (LT)

For a small fee you can take an extreme tour around the garrison jail of the military port will all the nessesary attributes: seats in a cell, medical examination, have a "heart-to-heart talk" with the investigator etc. For a fee of 5 lats you can spend

The Orthodox cathedral of St. Nicholas - a real miracle, staggering with its beauty, light and grandeur, soars over the military town (K)

Liepaya is a home of great sandy beaches as well (K)

Liepaya can offer its guests any kind of accomodation inhotels up to 4 stars (in the picture - "Roze" gouesthouse situated next to the maritime park)

The Livonian order castle, built in the XIII century is as good as new :) (V)

And there is a museum in the castle (V)

A lavish meal helps to be imbues with the medieval atmosphere (leave your cuirass and armour in the cloak-room) (V)

The maritime park - an indispensable travel point in Ventspils (the delegation is viewing ancient fishermen's boats) (V)

A train rides around the parks, its speed is about 200 km/h, the smoke, the whistling and the rail noise are real! (V)

Inside the train (V)

The city staggers with plenty of natural flowers and flower compositions (there is even a flower-clock), the entrance to the city welcomes the visitors with flowers (V)

The Olympic centre of Ventspils includes an ice-hall, a swimming-pool, a football field with heating, basketball halls, a skatepark and much more. The manager of the centre invites sportsmen from Russia to hold meetings and competitions (V)

The city embankment at night (V)

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