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The storm

In the beginning of January, a strong windstorm swept through the Baltics, leaving some regions without electricity, eroding beaches and felling trees.

As the initial shock has passed, we would like to share some photos which were taken from the following sources:

1 – Jurmala City Council

2 – Olga Dragileva

3 - Michael Eglit (Hamlet)

Also, we are providing a link to view a video of the storm at Saulkrasti beach in Latvia (Winamp Media File).

If you have photos on this subject and you are willing to share them with us, please send them to info@meeting.lv

A view of the flooded Basteikalns park lawn (2)

This is how the storm began (the photo was received by email, author unknown)

Jurmala beach and the engulfed children’s playground (1)

The following morning, Riga experienced a small flood. (2)

Bastejkalns park is flooded

Another view of Bastejkalns park (2)

The aftermath of the naughty sea (1)

Thrown branches cover the ground (1)

…and destroyed beachside changing-rooms (1)

An eroded beach (1)

But don’t worry! Everything will be fixed in time for the summer season. (1)

The beach in Dzintari, Jurmala (3)

Broken branches are found along the beach (3)

Another view of an eroded beach (3)

The storm damaged pedestrian paths (3)

Felled trees barricaded a number of roads. (3)

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