Фотогалереи / Latvia: Events' photos

The "Cutty Sark" regatta

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The view from the Schroud-bridge

Shrouds - on the masts and on the Shroud-bridge

Riga welcomes the regatta with a rainbow

There are dozens of small yachts...

...but thousands of people have come to see them.

Mexican sailors have come to shore

The russians show-off their dexterity

The last day - "Nadezhda" leaving Riga

At the mouth of the Daugava thousands of meople saw the regatta off

That is something Riga had not seen for a long time!

The mast parade

Yards, the sky, romance...

A russian sailers crew

The "off-seers" who don't know what it is like to get out of Daugavgriva yet

The last yacht left Riga, but emotions stay!

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