​Hair loss is not only a cosmetic problem; it is also a medical problem.

Therefore, precise diagnosis is very important for identifying the cause of hair loss. The method used for diagnostics is called trichogram.

Under this method, hair roots and shafts are examined under the microscope. Computer diagnosis is provided as well. As a result, the cause of hair loss is determined and the condition of the hair is understood, which helps choose appropriate treatment and proper care.

Only a physician trichologist (specialist in hair loss) can diagnose and identify what causes hair loss.

Our medical center is happy to introduce a certified physician trichologist and dermatologist Dr. Tatyana Mileika, who has been practicing as the dermatologist for 27 years and as the trichologist for 16 years. Dr. Mileika is a member of the following:

- Latvian Association of Dermatologists and Venereologists

- Latvian Association of Trichologists

- EADV (European Association of Dermatologists and Venereologists)

- EHRS (European Hair Research Society)

Our medical center provides the following services:

- hair loss diagnosis and treatment

- measuring thickness of hair root and shaft

- taking pictures of hair roots and shafts

Due to this thorough examination, the patient is provided with information demonstrating the actual condition of his or her hair.

Our medical center is the only medical institution in Latvia that measures and takes pictures of hair, which makes our diagnoses more accurate.

We also offer:

- treatment of skin ailments and venereal diseases

- hardware pedicure

- care and treatment of fingernails and toenails infected with fungus, thickened and deformed fingernails and toenails

- treatment and removal of warts and corns

If you have noticed signs of hair loss, do not postpone your visit to a trichologist.

The process of diagnostics consists of two stages:

- the physician trichologist takes a hair sample for analysis

- in several days a patient visits the physician trichologist for a consultation

The consultation lasts approximately one hour.

Hair analysis costs between €28 and €36

Trichologist’s consultation costs between €30 and €40

266 last month

24 last month


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