There is no underground service in Riga but tramway, trolleybus, bus and fixed-route taxi services provide a convenient way of travelling and timetables are strictly adhered to.

Fare system

Bus tickets are available at conductor or bus-driver. Ticket price is 1,70 - 2,70 eiro. In trolley-buses and trams common tickets valid for one trip are used. They can be bought at terminal stops, ticket offices or trade booths Narvesen, Preses apvieniba and Plus Punkts.

Таxi It is advisable to book a Taxi by phone rather than getting one on the street. Use taxi companies to avoid the risk of being overcharged (e.g. night tariff used instead of the day one).

Official rate: till 0.71 EUR per km in the day time and till about 2 EUR for boarding.

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