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Tourist quests - is a new way to explore the city. Imagine that you walk through the city with a good friend, who not only shows you the sights, but also entertains you with various historical tales, showing unusual places and giving a real feel of the inner life of the city, hidden from the eyes of the ordinary tourist.

How does the tourist quest proceed?

You follow the route from point to point. Each point is either a sight or another interesting place in the city.

For each item there is a small description and a special question. The questions may be various: related to the history, architecture, logical puzzles or observation questions, when you need to run around and explore the locality carefully find the key to the riddle.

There are also tips for the questions. You can use the helpful hint, but then you lose some points...

The total number of points: 10-15.

The distance between the points is usually less than 150-200 meters, in other words you will have "short dashes" for 5-6 minutes.

Total game duration is unlikely to exceed 1-1.5 hours.

In the end of the game the system calculates how many points you score and compares your result to the maximum possible.

There is also a chance to get a variety of “special titles”. For example, if you are good at answering history questions you get the title “professor of history”, “notable architect” for good answering architecture questions etc. But don’t be afraid! You don’t have to finish the special courses - it's that simple

The quest has no time limit!

In other words, you don’t need to finish the whole route at the set time. Start when you wish, walk at your own pace, make coffee breaks.

You may even pause the game (for example, if it rains heavily) and resume it on the next day. The only limitation is that the game will be available for 24 hours from the time of payment. And you also won’t be able to go back to the questions that you have already answered. Quest will continue from the point at which you stopped.

The quest is charged

You can get a free demo version of quest to feel how it goes. The demo version is the full version of quest, but it includes only 3 points of the route. Try it and go directly to the main quest.

The price of the quest is only 10€

Payment may be made through PayPal and credit cards. We will also connect another payment options in near future.

We recommend you to pay for the game in advance, for example, when you are in a hotel and you have a steady access to Internet. After the payment the quest is automatically activated and you are welcome to begin the route.

Why the quest is better than an ordinary excursion?

The quest is cheaper than the ordinary excursion, and much cheaper than unusual private tour, and actually we can call our quest unusual and private.

Of course it’s great if you have friends who can show you the city and morover, stand you a coffee or a beer. But firstly, you obviously don’t have such friends in all cities who are able to carry out a bright and inspirational tour. And secondly, you may get to be such a guide for your friends too! Surprise them! Our quest will make your walk together even more vivid and memorable. You can compete with one another. And who knows, maybe your powers of observation and logic will allow you to win the “away game”?

Moreover, there is a chance to be a guide and expert for your family or company, who visit the city for the first time just as you!

At the same time you don’t depend on anyone and you don’t depend on time or weather. Imagine that you have booked an excursion in advance, and during your trip it started to rain. And you will have a choice: lose your money paid for the excursion or become wet under the rain. You are immune to such troubles if you use our quest! Have a walk at convenient time for you. If during the quest you catch a rain, make a pause and wait in a café (we will provide you with a list of nice cafes), and go on.

Treat yourself and your family or company an excellent opportunity to explore the city, play, take pictures, give each other a lot of positive emotions.

We are sure our quest will become one of the most vivid memories of this city! Join, play, and look for our quests during your visits to other cities! The games will be constantly added and updated!

Make a payment to start the game

All the games except demo version require payment. The price is 10 euros.
Demo version of the game is a shortened version (usually 3 in steps) that allows you to get acquainted with all the features of the full version, but without summation of your score.
Payment can be made via PayPal or a credit card.
We recommend you to when you have stable internet connection. The game will be available 24 hours after the payment, so you will have plenty of time to reach the start point and begin the game.

Click "Pay" to go to the secure payment page.


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