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Adult Guide to Riga, Latvia: striptease, massage, escort

Sex Guide to Riga: striptease, massage, escort

This section contains description of erotic services and links to other resources offering services of this sort. The section is meant for users of 18+ years of age. If you haven’t reached 18 yet or if viewing of such materials is prohibited by laws of your country please leave this section immediately!

Sex industry is rather developed in Latvia, although the myth about Thailand on the Baltic shores and cheap sex widely available is a considerable exaggeration. All services are clearly defined and if you are planning to visit a massage parlour expect nothing else but a massage session. Erotic massage costs from 20 to 50 Ls (1 Ls – apprx $2).

Street prostitution has been virtually eliminated in Latvia. Out-call or brothel prostitution is much more common. The prices start at 20 Ls but the more realistic price range is 35-50 Ls. There also exist agencies providing escort services costing 200 Ls.

If you wish to invite a performer from a striptease club be prepared to pay at least 50 Ls to the club and at least the same amount to the girl. In larger clubs you can come across semi-professionals who are keen to meet wealthy tourists. However, a mere “acquaintance” does not imply it will lead somewhere and it can turn out to be a trick to get you to buy more drinks which is particularly common in Riga’s night clubs.

In addition there are sexual encounter and swinger clubs where voluntary participation of all parties is implied and the fee (from 20 Ls) is paid for the event organisation (sauna booking, snacks and drinks).

Riga hosts an annual fair of erotic products and services Erots – a sort of a review of sex-shops, massage parlours and striptease clubs.


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Photo - Anna Linkevich ( Erotica Festival Erots.