At the beginning of 90-ties, XX century, the real estate market in Latvia started to take shapes as it is understood in the whole civilized world. That was the time when the first real estate companies started to offer their mediation services. Among them, of course, were different kind of companies — such, who intended to work, as well as those, who’s only interest was to make quick money. If the first ones taking care of their reputation were correct in relation to the customers and the sellers of the properties, the other ones were only interested in their profit and therefore often cheated the customers. Actions of these brokers became the negative factor of the real estate market, which in the eyes of society cast an imputation on the whole profession of real estate broker.

Then the large companies decided to establish a professional association of real estate specialists, which would deal with regulation of the market, improvement of the professional skills of brokers and development of standards for high level real estate mediation services. Thus in 1994 the Latvia Real Estate Dealers Association LANĪDA was established.

LANĪDA is an independent, voluntary non-governmental organization uniting real estate agents and assistants of agent. Among its members one will find well known real estate companies, who have proven themselves on the Latvian real estate market, as well as many individual brokers. The aim of the association is to contribute the improvement and development of its members’ knowledge and skills, to facilitate their professional activities.

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