The only place in Riga, where simultaneously can play 22 people!

Each of us has ever wanted to take part in a movie or a theater, where you play an important role. No matter how fantastic it sounds, today it is possible!

Do you want to try yourself in the role of a victim, getting out of the lair of a maniac, or do you dream of being in an amazing and technological room with neon lights? Quest rooms in Riga from NoGame will do everything possible to create an incredible mysterious atmosphere for you and your company. If you want to disengage yourself from the outside world for a while, then welcome to scary psychiatric clinic, which you cannot escape even by drumming at the door and calling for help.

Escaperoom NoGame offers a choice of 4 storylines. All the actions take place according to the scenario where you play the main role. You have to solve puzzles, solve problems and look for clues that will lead you to the main key that opens the door to freedom.

The plot of the game is designed in such a way that the group feels comfortable from 2 to 5 participants. Both adults and children can play.


During working hours 9: 00-18: 00 - 35 EUR from the team.

In the evening, on weekends and on holidays 50 EUR from the team.

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Kr.Barona 92, Riga
+371 221 104 02

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Every day 09:00- 23:00
Kr.Barona 92, Riga

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